Legend of Galactic Heroes: A Hundred Billion Stars.

The series is a spin-off does not, as stated in the description, and a prequel.

In Japan it is called Hyde 1. Along with “Spiral Labyrinth” (Hyde 2) he tells the prehistory of life Reinhart and Ian.
Chronologically, the events of both Gaiden mixed, so it is better to watch them together in the proper order.
Ie first the first arch Hyde 2, which tells about what he did after Ian El Facilitator, then the first arch Hyde 1, in which Reinhart and Kirhiays, just graduated from the Military Academy, receive their first assignment. Then the second, third and fourth arches Hyde second, followed by a second arch of the first Hyde - they tell us about the progress of Reinhart through the ranks from one adventure to another brilliant. Then follows the fourth watch of the first arch Hyde, where we show the two battles in Izerlonskom corridor in terms of both Imperials (Reinhart and Kirhiays) and Union troops (Byukok, Sh?nkompf). Then look at the last second arch Hyde, where Ian Reinhart and unknowingly come together for the first time in combat. And finally, completes the cycle of the first third arch Hyde - event in her place shortly before the events of the first series of the main series.
Here’s a complicated story.

Legend of Galactic Heroes: A Hundred Billion Stars...

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